All About Great Staircase

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All About Great Staircase:


Energy through staircases can move very rapidly. To make it a good feng shui staircase use this kit.

Virtual energy partition Innovative, effective and most practical tool for vastu and feng shui corrections created by Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt. This new Pyramid Yantra Pyra Strip gives you easy solutions to parting of rooms, basement and staircase. It can cut unwanted energy parts and low-high energy disturbance. Use one each on middle, top and bottom riser. In case of carpet, use these on the side wall of the staircase.


Easy To Use:

Staircase 9X9: Staircase 9x9 (set of 3 for staircase defects)  can be used to correct the staircase directions, as per vastu. This yantra is specially designed with small pyramids which will not disturb or affect while you go up and down. If the staircase direction is not clockwise, do not worry, fix 3 Staircase 9x9 on first, middle and last risers of staircase. In the same way the risers must be in odd numbers. If it is not, then you need to correct it in the same way. In case of carpeted stairs use these on the side wall of the staircase.