Advance Pyramid (Advance Multier)

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Advance Pyramid (Advance Multier)

Secret Features :

  • The 4 Layer concept of Multier-Advance add more power to the Original Multier. This is responsible for fast results.
  • New computerized design resulting from high-tech advance technology and innovative research.



Multier Advance (Now you have in hand the most ADVANCE version of Multier)

The simplest and most powerful tool Multier 9x9 is an innovation of Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt for Vastu and Fengshui corrections and energy balance. Now you have in hand it's most ADVANCE version,

Multier - Advance

Widely used for center activation, spiritual room shifting, land charging and more. Made up of 'Neutron' Polymer for more accurate results and perfection.

Multier - Advance contains one PyraTop, one Pyraplate and nine Pyrachip Plates (with Gold & Copper discs).

The Top fits into the plate and chip-plate is to be fixed at the bottom with an adhesive or brass screw. It can be installed on the wall, ceiling or under ground as per requirement. The number of Multier will increase in multiples of 9 such as 27, 81 and 405, but this depends on the area and the strength of the problem.

Advance Design

The advance design will lead to fast results, easy fixing and installations also.

Time Saving 

Due to inbuilt chips and 3 easy fixing modules arrangement of Top, Plate and Chip-Plate it is a boon to all. This saves time and fixing is very fast.


Easy Installation :

Very simple and time saving installation method is also evolved in this Advance model. Simple 2 screw for fixing on wall or ceiling and fix 3 layer with glue in case of installing under ground.