Natron Pyramid Bathroom Pyramid

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Natron Pyramid


Natron is a revolutionary solution to the biggest Vastu & Feng Shui defect created by the attached bathroom and toilets in modern homes & offices. This yantra can be fixed in bathrooms, toilets & other negative areas. Natron is the best instrument to absorb negativity. It had been used to absorb negative effects of electromagnetic radiations or frequencies (EMF) The dome of natrons needs to be filled with sea salt. This sea salt can be discarded after 6 months and new can be added in the dome.


Easy To Use :

  •  Attach the Natron plate with a glue or double sided tape. Hanging Natron with a nail will work as well.
  • Before installing, fill the Natron dome with ¾ full Sea salt in the center. Lock it carefully.
  • It is advisable to change the salt every six months. Make sure to dispose the old salt. Natron can be installed in the side of the wall or on the ceiling.

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