The Supreme Doctrine Discourses on the Ken Upanishad

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The Supreme Doctrine
Discourses on the Ken Upanishad
The Supreme Doctrine
In this book Osho speaks on the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures to his first Western audience. The Supreme Doctrine deals in depth with many aspects of meditation - the fundamentals of how to move intensely and totally into this experience spoken of by the seers in the Ken Upanishad.
He answers seekers? questions relating to using the intellect, transcending the duality of sex, the role of a master in a seeker?s spiritual journey, the contribution and limitations of psychoanalysis, the significance of active meditations for the modern man, and much more. Osho says of this book, "I have chosen to talk about the Upanishads because to me they represent one of the purest expressions of the ultimate that is possible, if it is possible at all."
Osho says of the process of meditation: "Meditation is first of all an effort to make you independent; and second, to change your type and quality of consciousness. With a new quality of consciousness old problems cannot exist; they simply disappear."

"The Upanishads talk about ultimate wisdom, Osho tells you how to live it"
- R.E. Gussner, Professor of Religion
University of Vermont, USA

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: Toward the Awakening

Chapter 2: Transcending the Basic Duality of Sex

Chapter 3: Surrender and I Will Transform You

Chapter 4: The Unknowable Self

Chapter 5: It Is Your Being

Chapter 6: God Is Existence

Chapter 7: Meditation and the Inner Eye

Chapter 8: Beginningless Beginning, Endless End

Chapter 9: Death: The Climax of Life

Chapter 10: The Eternal Play of Existence

Chapter 11: Truth or Trick?

Chapter 12: The Great Circle of Brahman

Chapter 13: Man Can Be Transcended

Chapter 14: Knowing All Through the One

Chapter 15: Now You Can Go

Chapter 16: The Great Dance of Suchness

Chapter 17: Make Every Moment a Celebration

Excerpt from The Supreme Doctrine
Chapter 1

"Existence is a deep freedom. If you want to be in suffering, be in suffering. If you want to be in bliss, be in bliss. It is your own choice. But it is too much for our minds to think that everything is our choice because then we become responsible. If you come to think that you are the cause of your suffering, then you will feel very bad. It always feels better to make someone else the cause of your suffering.

But, remember, if someone else is the cause of your suffering, you can never become free. Then there is no liberation. But if you are the cause of your suffering, then liberation is within your hands; you can do something and change it.

I tell you, you are the cause of your heaven and of your hell. If you are in hell, you have chosen it to be so. And the moment you decide, you can come out of it. No one is going to prevent you; no one will say to you, "Do not go." The gates are not closed against you. Really, there are no gates, and no devil is standing at the door. You need not even have a passport to move out. It is simply your decision to be there.

You are in suffering because you have decided to be in suffering; you can come out of it the moment you decide to come out. You can be in bliss if you decide to be in bliss. Your decision is your being. You choose whatsoever you are. You have chosen it to be so; that is why it is so. Do not go on throwing responsibilities on something else - on nature, on God, on faith, on destiny. Do not go on throwing them."