The Book of Wisdom

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Paperback-Discover meditation as a life style "The Seven Points are like seeds...when you contemplate and
meditate and start experimenting with them, you will be surprised you will be going on the greatest ad-
venture of your life." Any religion or philosophy you pick, if you are looking for a real insight from
a fresh spring, you can find it from Osho. Tibetan Buddhism is no exception. The age of a tradition does not automatically result in wisdom-only awareness and an eternally young mind can give meaning to a reader today. Remember only that which you can take with you when you leave the body is important. That means, except meditation, nothing is important. Except awareness, nothing is important, because only awareness
cannot be taken away by death. Osho removes the dust of tradition which has gathered around meditation.
The book is a guide for a modern understanding of what meditation is. A gentle introduction to inner dis-
cipline and transformation combined with some light and often humerous question and answer sessions between the audience and Osho make the practical connection from the spiritual theory to meditation as a


cannot be taken away by death.