Tantric Transformation by Osho

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Speaking with profound wisdom and compassion on The Song of Saraha, Osho shows how he truly understands the fabric of our lives on earth. Seeiung both the splendor and despair of our Western ways, and the doubt, misery and guilt that are the legacy of our Juedo-Christian condiditionings. He encourges us to turn inward, to expand to the uttermost and to learn the Tantric language of love that will finally bring us joy and celebration in life. THE SONG OF SARAHA - that is its Tibetan title. Nobody knows who wrote it down. One thing is certain, Saaha never did, he just sang it. But it has the fragrance that the man knew, that he had attained. The song is not the composition of a poet but a realization of a mystic. It is just a few lines, but of such grandeur and beauty that the stars can feel ashamed." Osho Booksd I Have Loved