Nine Sutras

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Nine Sutras
Osho talks for the first time on his own Nine Sutras. Opening boundless new dimensions to the meaning and significance of the word yoga, he illuminates its vast scope and takes us way beyond what may well be our limited and limiting understanding of it. Using modern scientific knowledge to help us experiment with and experience our inner world, Osho gives us an in-depth introduction to his famous Dynamic meditation and takes us on a timeless journey into the beyond, home to ourselves.
"I have told you these Nine Sutras, not so that your knowledge may increase, not so that you may become more knowledgeable?. I have said all these things in the hope that, perhaps, you may get nudged a little, and you may take off on some journey. " Osho

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: Vital Experiments in Meditation

Chapter 2: Life Is Energy

Chapter 3: The Beggar and the Emperor

Chapter 4: The Sun of Consciousness

Chapter 5: The New Sannyasin

Chapter 6: Death Is Life

Excerpt from Nine Sutras
Chapter 1

"The second sutra of yoga is: Birth and death, existence and non-existence, darkness and light, childhood and old age, pleasure and pain, cold and heat, are all relative terms. They are two names for one thing. If you understand this second sutra well, then many things will become easy to understand. The other side of everything is always there. Whenever you choose one side of a thing, keep in mind that you have also chosen its other side.

When you say to someone with love, "Now I have met you and never want to be separated from you, " then understand well that separation is already present in your meeting and is going to happen. In fact, even at the time of meeting lovers say, "I am very much afraid of losing you. " They are aware of the existence of the other side; otherwise right now, when it is time for meeting, where is the question of separation? When we are meeting we are just meeting. But no, at the very time of meeting, separation is also present like a shadow.

When you make someone a friend, understand that one more potential enemy is born. It is certain that unless you make someone a friend, he cannot be turned into an enemy. So far, no way has been found to turn someone directly into an enemy. To become an enemy, one has to go through the process of being a friend. Even to become an enemy, the way passes through being a friend. "