Energy 9X9 Pyramid Shree Ganesh (Ganesh energy in center)

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Energy 9X9- Shree Ganesh (Ganesh energy in center) (For Pynergy in house, shop and office and for Acupressure use) This special Energy 9x9 energy enhancer improves the flow of energy in your home and brings good chi in the whole house. It is used in various fengshui and Vastu correction methods and has many uses, place on the wall of your home, shop or office.

Very easy to use; place the plate between your two hands and personalize for the purpose, then hang on a brass screw or stick with a double side tape. -

Enriched with pyra grid power 6561 - Now also programmed with 9 cosmic energy FaMaa discs at the bottom _ 'Lotus Yantra' at the center with eight directional benefits - Shree Ganesh energy variant in the center

ENERGY 9X9 SHREE GANESH El energy 9x9 también está disponible con la variante del shree ganesh energy en el centro! El profesor doctor Jiten Bhatt y la doctora Bhatt toman notas e investigan frente a la primera pirámide del mundo, Zoser Saqqara.


Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 111 Also PyraVastu Workshop Principles