All About Family

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All About Family


Pyron Green-Family Relationship ☳ Chen. 
Represents elder, ancestors, family, health and well being; its associated with early spring and new beginning. Imparts wisdom, elderly experience and vitality. 

Pyron Grey-Children:
Represents creativity, joy, children and its symbol is a lake; it is associated with autumn. Supports child health, education and creativity.

PyraCard (Family and Children):
Brings prosperity, fame & reputation. Opens new avenues for life. New pocket size pyramid yantra with Ba-gua Square for wealth and prosperity. 

Easy To Use:

For the first time - pre-programmed for the purpose and ready to use. Just place the PyraCard in your pocket or purse or a bag that you carry with you. This innovative way for personal vastu and harmony gives miraculous results. Get the unique feature of pre-programmed 9 pyramids and a gold base disc of the bottom.