Absolute Tao

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Osho has spoken on more than 300 mystics, known and unknown. His absolute love is with Lao Tzu. .He speaks on Mahavira, "as part of my duty...he is great, enlightened, but like a vast desert." Of Krishna Osho says, "He is t as a multidimensional, superhuman, miraculous, but looks more like a myth than a man. I enjoy it as a cosmic gossip.".
Speaking on Jesus Christ he says, "I feel deep sympathy for him. But we remain parallel, we never
meet. He is so sad, so burdened. And of Buddha: "Down through the centuries, through the centuries,
through many lives, I have loved him. He is tremendously beautiful, extraordinarily beautiful, superb.
But he is not on the earth, he does not walk on the earth. He is one-sided." And he continues,

" I speak on Lao Tzu totally differently. I am not related to him because even to be related a distance is needed. When I speak on Lao Tzu I speak as if I am speaking on my own self. With him my being is totally is as if I am looking in a mirror: my own face is reflected. When I speak on Lao Tzu, I
am absolutely with him. Even to say "absolutely with him" is not true - I am him, he is me."

This book goes straight to the heart of the matter. Osho uses the Tao Te Ching texts as Lao Tze intended: to ignite the flame of individual awareness and insight. From the seven verses Osho selected to comment on, he moves deeply into his own understanding and burns through every idea we may hold about ourselves until we can see with the same crystal clear light as Lao Tzu.