Vastu Sleep (set of 9 plates) Vastu sleep Pyramid For good sleep

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Pyra-Vastu Sleep -Vastu sleep Pyramid Yantra While you are at sleep your conscious mind is at rest. But let your sub conscious mind help you to manifest peak performance. As we spend one third of life span on bed, it is necessary to energize it for good energy. Place this Pyra-vastu sleep yantra under the mattress. You will surprise that though you sleep comparatively for lesser time, you feel more relaxed, fresh and energetic. Also you can write a wish and place in the center plate's wish chamber.

LET YOUR SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND WORK, WHILE YOU SLEEP! ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC Dr. Jiten came in touch with Mataji Narayani and Swami Ananda. Mataji and Swamiji introduced him to Holistic Healing Methods, He started taking more interest in human engineering and in the creation of Almighty. His scientific temperament made him go very deep in to these subjects. His keen interest and insight started coming out with highly effective, simple and very useful methods to improve human health. He has various original Contributions to his credit. To help our subconscious mind to perform for us more efficiently we would need a connection enhancer. Vastu Sleep is one such superb connection enhancer for our link with the universal energy. It works in connection with the 9 planets and the 81-vastu-grid principle. Vaastu Sleep creates pure harmony between beneficial energy of earth and bio energy of man and powerful energy of the 9 planets. Such a link not only gives you a better sleep and good health on physical level but also helps you achieve happiness and prosperity on the mental and spiritual level. * SECRET FEATURES * 1 Red and 8 White pyramid yanta plates consisting 81 pyramid yantra grids * Pre-programmed 1 Gold and 80 copper chips for quick results * Special 81 radiating crystals * Pre-energized chamber for programming MYSTICAL BENEFITS * Helps fulfill your wish by transferring your dreams and desires into reality by activating the universal energy link * Opens door to a new and better life for you by bring more fortune * Clears your charkas and gives you an experience of increased energy and vitality * Auto-corrects vaastu defects and counteracts evil forces that might be hindering your success * EASY TO USE Place the special Red pyramid yantra in the center part of your bed and the remaining 8 plates in the rest 8 parts. You can also use Vatu Sleep as your personal wish machine by placing written wish in to Red chamber, below the Red Pyramid yantra plate. Now you repeat your wish before you go to bed at night and let your subconscious mind work for you get more health money and power..

Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 71

Sleep Balance- Are you suffering from sleepless-ness or sleepiness? Vastu sleep Pyramid is your answer. The vastu sleep contains Nine pyramid yantras plates and they are placed under the mattress over the bed frame in a 3 row 3 column to cover equally the full bed.Place the mattress to cover these pyramids. While you sleep on the vastu sleep bed you will find that even sleeping for same hours you have better quality and more relaxed sleep.This indeed is a solution to have more relaxed sleep and wake up with more energy.

VASTU SLEEP Deja que tu mente subconsciente trabaje para ti El centro es lo más importante en la Pyra Vastu; por lo tanto, debemos comenzar con los objetos más personales. ¿Qué puede ser más personal que la cama si sobre ella pasamos un tercio de nuestras vidas? Entonces, comienza por energizar tu cama para convertirla en un poderoso yantra! Mientras duermes, tu mente consciente descansa, pero también tu mente subconsciente te ayuda a desarrollar un máximo desempeño y a tener éxito en la salud, los negocios y las relaciones. Vastu Sleep trabaja sobre el principio de los nueve planetas y un grupo de 81 Vastus. Como bien sabemos, toda la interacción que existe es entre la energía cósmica y la energía planetaria con el hombre en medio de las dos. De de tal manera que cuando colocas 9 pirámides o las 9 placas Vastu-sleep bajo tu colchón, el flujo de energía comienza a actuar pasando a través tuyo. Puedes también escribir un deseo y colocarlo en la placa central de la cámara de los deseos.