Reiki Pyramid

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Reiki Pyramid

Secret Features:

  • Power of 5 layers in the Reiki Pyramid
  • Inter action chamber with the environment at the top
  • Communicating and transmitting power plate in the center
  • Power Box with two important layer of chips and plate at the bottom.



Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'universal life energy'. Every living and non-living body radiates it. In Reiki the ultimate source of the life energy is the universal energy of the cosmos. Our body works constantly as an instrument or a channel to transform this energy into the required amount and form to solve problems related to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It involves using various symbols to channelize this energy and all that needs constant attention and time for each individual that we give Reiki. It is found that it is difficult to devote so much quality time and total awareness for long periods. Reiki Pyramid is a break-through in this healing science! Professor Dr. Jiten Bhatt has designed this new revolutionary Reiki pyramid to overcome such difficulties we face.


This unique Reiki pyramid, once programmed by the Reiki master, works automatically, day and night; without personal attention and presence of the master. This instrument enables us to spend less but qualitative time on each individual and also help us to remain in link with him or her even from distance. The program can also be easily altered from time to time by the master, even from distance. It also gives you an easy access to the strong Pynergy due to the support of millions of PyraNet users globally.

Secret Benefits

The main advantage of this is the power of 5 layers in the Reiki Pyramid. So you have to start it by applying energy for 5-10 minutes, and the rest of the day pyramids will draw power from universe itself.

Special Use

This new revolutionary multi use Reiki Pyramid can help us in many ways as follows:

Tele Treatment

Reiki Pyramid enable us to establish individual healing transmitter when we are with a reiki master. The use of a photograph increases the power and effect and gives better healing long after the reiki session. Tele Treatment can be given to individuals by using their photograph for healing and good wishes from distance.

Mass Healing

This is absolutely needed by any healer because by this the master can transfer proper and modulated positive energy from his own healing center to all his clients at once.

Spiritual medicine

With this reiki pyramid you can add healing to all regular medicine, vitamins, herbal, homeopathy, essence, food

Devine water

Water is our major and very basic supporting medium of healing. Drinking this divine water prepared under the pyramid can remove negative blocks and enhance the positivity in the blood cells.

Fast result

Due to multi dimensional healing with reiki pyramid and its innovative layer design it gives fast and precise results.

Reiki Clinic

Starting an advance Reiki Clinic is time saving and profitable opportunity. This unique concept of mass healing when combined with powerful crystals gems and other pyramid instrumentation give excellent results.



First of all get familiar with the 3 main components of your Reiki Pyramid. They are as follows;

REIKI TOP PYRAMID:Inter action chamber with the environment.

REIKI POWER PLATE:communicating and transmitting plate

REIKI POWER BOX:Two important layer of chips and plate of the bottom.

In order to take advantage of this five power layer Reiki Pyramid is you have to apply energy for 5 to 10 minutes in the starting. The rest of the day, pyramids will draw power from the universe itself.


Take your Reiki Box and place the Power Plate in the box. Now fix one small photograph in the center as shown in the fig. The photograph must be in color. Close the box with the Top Pyramid and start giving Reiki or healing. For fast results take the person's sign and write his birth date at the back of the photo. See two ways to give reiki at the bottom.

TELE-TREATMENT - Reiki Pyramid enable us to establish individual healing transmitter at Reiki master's for better personal healing by photograph.

MASS HEALING - This is absolutely needed by any healer because by this the master can transfer proper and modulated positive energy from his own healing center to all the people at a time and this saves your time! You can also devote more time in the case of emergency; it will add more healing force of your powerful center.


If you have knowledge of modern medicine, flower remedy, homoeopathy, herbs, vitamins, aroma, crystal or gem you can use them and give reiki to obtain better results. Placing photograph with remedy will boost results. You can use for all food products and consumables. GIVE REIKI TO MEDICINES & THEN TAKE THEM

DIVINE WATER You can prepare Reiki healing water as additional effect. This one of the very powerful media to absorb reiki universal energy. Apply reiki for 10 minutes and keep it for three or more hours so that it will draw energy from the universe. Then drink it or give it to the patient. Charge water for additional power.

Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 77


Two ways to give reiki

1. with both hands on side.

2. Right hand on top and left at the bottom

click to watch the video:{youtube}eC8d4UIafzI{/youtube}