Pyra Pillow

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Mind is the cause of all pain, misery, dissatisfaction and in turn all disorders. It is therefore important to create balance and harmony in head and mind. Pyra Pillow
is a great product just for that. Night is for generating new energies for the whole day. One must feel fresh and energetic in the morning after a full night,s sleep. But in today's world. that is full of stress, tension and negativity, sleep is disturbed. Pyra Pillow is ideal for sleep disorders and bad dreams. It maintains a positive state of mind and protects us from negative and dark
forces that affect during night. It boosts our revitalizing process which indirectly reflects on our efficiency, success and fortune as a whole. It can be used for infants, children, students, youngsters, adults and elderly for a better sleep. It is a must for people constantly surrounded by modern gadgets like television, mobile phones, computers etc.