Zen The Solitary Bird Cuckoo of the Forest

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"Just go in. This is the the way of the bird,this is the song of the solitary cuckoo."Osho's extraordinary talks on Zen are recognized works of genius, studied in Zen monasteries and universities throughout the world. His inspiring books cover everything from the wisdom of the world's mystics to answers to
intensely personal questions about meditation and the inner search. His unique authenticity touches
the reader in a way no other can.
In this book Osho tears down the very idea that there is a path to follow. There is only "the way of the birds." flying freely in open sky. Commenting on Zen stories and the simple beauty and acuity of Zen
poetry, Osho invites the reader to turn in and experience their own silence within, where Zen is no
longer a set of ideas or practices, but a state of being. Osho