The Perfect Way

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This series of talks was given at Osho's first meditation camp in Rajasthan. This is a provocative introduction to an extraordinarily ordinary man's vision for humanity - a vision that continues to inspire people the world over who are searching for meditation, transformation and relaxation in the midst of the everyday challenges of their lives. In the Perfect Way, Osho answers fundamental questions about what meditation is, and how we can begin and sustain it in our lives. He does this with precision, thoroughness, humor, and compassion. Here is someone who knows, but who also knows how to convey what he knows. His genius in full flight, he points us as far as one with words toward the inner world of the self, toward the zone of silence. "When there are no thoughts, it is then that we come to know the one hidden by our thoughts. When there are no clouds the blue sky is revealed. My friends, there is a sky within you as well."