The Path of Love

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"Each song of the bird, and each cloud of floating in the sky, is have to decode it, you have to look deep into it; you have to be silent and listen to the message." Osho
Kabir is a 15th century Indian mystic. Born a lower-caste weaver, Kabir opposed superstition, empty ritualism and bigotry. His teachings include scathing attacks against Brahmanic pride, caste
prejudice and the very concept of untouchability, as well as exposing the dogmatism and bigotry he perceived aroun him. Unusually, even for his time, he was embraced by disciples who had been raised in both Hindu and Muslim traditions, who saw in him the embodiment of a life-affirmative
approach that transcended the narrow dogmas that divide people and set them against one another.
are both timeless and utterly relevant to our time.The path of love as described by Osho, and through the songs of Kabir, is a journey that seeks out and celebrates the divine that is hidden in the ordinary, the love that becomes not just a feeling one has, but ultimately a state of being that one is.