The Mystery beyond Mind

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With his signature wisdom and wit, Osho offers his refreshing vision of religiousness, one based on the truth of one's own direct experience of life.In The Mystery beyond Mind he infuses new life into
the ancient sayings of Pantanjali, an Indian sage who systemized Yoga nearly two thousand years ago. Through his responses to individuals' questions. Osho shows that by simply applying new approaches to ordinary,everyday situations ,these can become opportunities for awareness and relaxation. This book provides both inspiration and practical, contemporary guidance for seekers everywhere.

"Look at the misery and always try to find the cause, and you will find the cause within yourself. Once you find the cause is inside, the point of transformation has reached to its maturity. Now you can turn
over, now you can change when you are ready. While you go on throwing responsibility on others no
change is possible. Once you realize that you are responsible for all misery that you have created - you are your own hell - that very moment a great turning happens. Immediately, you become your own heaven."