The Eternal Quest

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Religiousness is the last luxury, says Osho. Western psychotherapy helps us adjust so we can live in "normal sanity," but once all our material needs are fulfilled, something in us still aches for more - for freedom, expansion, bliss.
The 120 questions and responses in the The Eternal Quest are about this search, with all its peaks and pitfalls. Osho emphasizes how vital it is for us to ask genuine, basic questions if we want real answers, and has a mercilessly compassionate way of dealing with those who have not understood the point.
Inspiring, profound and playful, this book covers everything from the science behind OSHO Dynamic Meditation to why we suffer in love and life.

"If you can ask a foundational question from the very heart of your being the answer
will come to you even if there is no one there - the vacuum will create the answer, existence itself will give you the answer....
Try to formulate some problem which comes from you, not from the society, not from your teachers, not from your upbringing - just from you.
This a meditation. The finding out is a meditation." Osho