Technique of Drinking Water

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A Special Technique for Drinking Water that Promotes Health

First, the question to ask is: Why does the human body become sick? Per the laws of nature, there is no obvious reason for sickness in the human body. Other than human beings, there are no creatures on this planet that are prone to sickness.

Have we ever tried to understand why this is so? From my experience, which comes as the result of the work of naturopath, Dr .Bhagwan Arya of Patna in Bihar (India), it is because of our eating habit. We believe that our most important source of nourishment comes from food, which in reality, is more or less man-made and ignores nature.

The next question is: Do we ever think about what in nature is most essential for the human body, without which the body cannot survive? Most people have never given thought to that question. But if we were to think for a while, everyone’s first answer would be: “Air;” their second answer would be: “Water.”

Over and above air and water, there is a third thing that is also given to every human being by nature regardless of cast, creed, country, color, religion or any other category.

The third thing is both interesting and surprising—as soon as a baby is born there is mother’s milk! The milk of a mother is not ready before the birth of her baby and does not stop until after the baby’s need is over. It is the natural course of things.

Apart from these three gifts of nature, the things we eat and drink are harvested, processed, transported and not essential nutrition for the human body. Therefore, eating is a habit.

Now the question arises: Do we ever consider the importance of the two things – air and water – that meet the most essential needs of our body? No, we don’t. We only concern ourselves with food and drink. Air, which is the first and most important source of life, goes in and out in spite of anything that you or I do. It continues even when one is sleeping or in a conscious or unconscious state. Water is something we drink to quench our thirst, but rarely do we consider it as the main source of life.

Further, the circumstances we live in give importance primarily to food, which is the next thing required (after air and water) for our bodies, but only because we have made it a habit. The medical sciences provide detailed analyses of ingredients of all types of food and drink but give little care for air and water.

Unfortunately, even though the food we eat or drink may nourish our bodies (because of the habit we as humans have created), the food we consume “exploits" our bodies at the same time.

Our body is exploited in the sense that apart from the nourishment, any substance we eat or drink leaves its own germ, which is actually foreign to our bodies because the food or drink was not made by nature for the human body.

Now, nature has given our bodies the capacity to eliminate the foreign germs we take in by eating or drinking, i.e. urine, stool and sweating. But we eat or drink so much that our bodies cannot naturally eliminate all these foreign germs so they keep accumulating in the body. When we have an excess of germs, our bodies try to throw them out by causing some “dis-ease” such as a cough, cold, stomach upset etc.

However, through allopathic medical science, we have developed medicines which suppress these germs. For instance, cough syrup can suppress cough and cold symptoms while we continue eating and drinking, which results with the accumulation of more and more foreign germs. Then when more serious “disease” results, e.g. fever, we suppress that by using more allopathic medicine, which then results in more serious diseases.

50 years ago the. disease like Heart abnormalities, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and HIV aids started becoming very common, Obesity is also due to the habit of eating and drinking.

Yet, we keep on eating more and more because we believe that food gives us our required nourishment, but as is evident it is not so.

How did human beings start eating and drinking without regard for air and water – what nature made essential most for human body? If we go back thousands of years to the early time of human evolution, human beings lived in open spaces with hay shelters under trees. They breathed fresh air and got their water from natural flowing springs. As such, they were living happy and healthy lives.

Then a human started moving around in search of something new. He saw something round and red hanging on a tree. He plucked this object off the tree and using his teeth to bite it, he ate it. Thus he experienced a taste on his tongue, but now he had a foreign germ inside his body. He moved around and saw another one hanging from a tree and he was reminded of the taste on his tongue. The germs inside started asking for that taste again, so he ate and in the course of time this object was named “apple.” In the same way, he saw something green and round, with many grouped together in bunch; these were named grapes. And so on and so forth.

Then human beings started eating fish from the river and then they gradually started cultivating crops. By using the mind, they started making some implements for cultivating such as trowels, shovels and plows. By extending this concept further, all agricultural crops are therefore products of the mind (with the help of nature) but only air and water are true Gifts of Nature.

In this way, humans started eating agricultural produce and other foods like meat, fish, chickens, eggs, etc. They then started producing more and more different types of food and drink as per their habit without caring for the air and water. Thus, they became more and more prone to disease.

Allopathic medical science has invented methods to cure or suppress diseases but has never cared to search for the root causes of human sickness.

The Indian naturopath, Dr. Bhagan Arya searched to find the root cause of human sickness. Through his findings, he invented the wonderful technique of Drinking Water to Stay Healthy, while also clearing the accumulated germs from the body resulting from the long-time human habit of eating and drinking.

It is surprising that before Dr. Arya no one cared to search for the root cause of human sickness. Plus there was no research about the wonderful service water can give the human body, i.e. cleansing the germs that accumulated because of the habit of eating and drinking without caring for air and water.

In recent years, Dr. Masuro Emoto of Japan has conducted research and written many wonderful books about water, plus he’s taken beautiful pictures of Water Crystals. In 2006, I was fortunate enough to attend one of his seminars in Bloomington, Minnesota. During a question and answer session, I had an opportunity to ask him whether he had researched the qualities of water, its effect on the human body, and the Drinking Water to Stay Healthy technique. He replied that he had no research on these issues.

In 1973, I learned this wonderful technique of Drinking Water from Dr.Bhagwan Arya from a remote village of Bihar in India and have been practicing it ever since. I have had wonderful effects on my health because of my experiences with the technique, which I wish to share with each and every human being so that they can be saved from unnecessary disease.

According to my experience, the pure blood required for the human body is possible by inhaling air and drinking water. The rest of whatever we eat or drink gives us some nourishment but at the same time it leaves behind its own foreign germs, which are therefore not the gift of nature. We eat and drink so much that we think whatever we eat or drink, apart from water, gives us the required nourishment for our bodies. But in fact it is not so. If we are determined to stay healthy throughout life, there is a way we can make our body fit for staying healthy – a minimum of food along with the help of air and water, which are the true Gifts of Nature for the human body.

The technique is?

Drink water with love.

Drink water sitting and calmly

Drink water 20 minutes before meals/snacks

Drink water when you feel hunger

You cannot go wrong with these simple rules. I have done it and so can you.

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