Super Max Pyramid

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Super MAX (with 4 direction and center gold power!)

This advance new Multier Max is precisely developed by world-renowned Pyra Vastu founder, Dr. Jiten Bhatt to maximize your pyra vastu results for more health & prosperity. Better result in Pyra Vastu obtained by it, are not only by accurate dimensions but also superfine tuning done by Grand Masters. Also vibratory frequency of each layers & all well matched components gives tremendous power to maximize its efficiency. Ideal for vastu correction in flat, rooms & house. As Multier Max has power of nine original Multier Pyramids, you can use frequently for big projects like Factory Land, Farm & Hospital etc. It can be used in multiple of 9 such as 9, 18, 27... depends upon the area & strength of problem. Use in all vastu corrections as it has super-power of gold! Gold plate at the center and in all 4 directions.

Secret Features: - Mutli-Action Max Top, - Cosmic Harmonizer Max Plate, - 81 Pyra devine, 9 Max Chips, - 9 Copperon programmers Max Base.

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