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EASY TO USE Place the study-pad on your desk. Place your book on the study-pad while studying or writing. After finishing your studies, pray to Almighty for better understanding and recalling and place the book on the study-pad for the whole night. Especially during exams,this divine connection with you and your subject making it easier to re call on the next day. Also beneficial for adults to place angle and laptop or keyboard for correct angle and add Pyramid Power to their work. SECRET FEATURES * Enriched with the secret power of education yantra * Has 6500 built-in golden yellow Pyramids to magnify the power of the mind and memory * Utilizes the power of a gold disc and 8 copper discs to connect with the cosmic vibration * Unique angle for correct reading posture to retain the body's energy for long reading hours MYSTIC BENEFITS * Must for students for every day studies and especially during exams * Power of 6500 pyramids to improve concentration and memory * Optimizes study time due to the unique angle * Helps in improving understanding and recalling by making a  divine connection with you and the subject

Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 75