Reiki Pyramid advance

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Reiki Pyramid - Advance

Wonderful tool to accelerate results. Inbuilt Antahkarana and crystal grid!

REIKI PYRAMID Crystal Power Tap the core power of the Universal Life Energy! All in one

REIKI PYRAMID-ADVANCE The 2nd generation tool to accelerate results!

ReikiPyramid-Advance gives you the combined power of the Reiki Pyramid, Antahkarana and crystals that multiply the strength of the energy twenty times. This tool is used to channel energy at a distance. The energy sent with the Reiki Pyramid-Advance is more powerful and stronger than the energy that is sent only with the distant energy techniques or crystals or pyramids individually Reiki Pyramid-Advance tool eliminates the need of charging the grid daily by the practitioner or the Reiki master.


. A specially designed tool that has 91 pyramids, 9 copper plates, and a special yantra power plate with copper triangles to send distant Reiki energy.

. A masculine Antahkarana grid plate.

. A masculine Antahkarana Master Charger plate to charge your master crystal.

. A clear- quartz MasterCrystal. Inherent ability to hold the charge for long time

. A clear-quartz 6 faced pyramid Inherent ability to hold the charge for long time

. 3 clear quartz crystals and 3 rose-quartz crystals.Inherent ability to hold the charge for long time

. Your tool is a part of the SmartNet Pyranet so you automatically join the spiritual circle of light with millions of others to enhance your healing.


1) The energy is sent in a constant strong and harmonious flow.

2) You need to charge your Reiki pyramid-Advance just once a week. For better results you can charge everyday.

3) 20 times more powerful than Reiki Pyramid and thousand times more powerful than a normal Reiki Box!


As shown in the figure, there are 6 components in this tool:

1. Reiki Power Top

2. A box containing your crystals, which are 2.1.6 faced pyramid clear crystal

2.2. 3 rose quartz

2.3. 3 clear quartz crstals

2.4. Master clear Crystal

3. Antahkarana Grid Plate

4. Reiki Power Plate

5. Reiki Power Box with 9 power chips and fitted copper plates

6. Antahkarana Master Charger Plate(shown on page 12)



1) Place the 6 quartz crystals, the Master Crystal and the 6-faced pyramid crystal inside a bowl with water and cooking salt (you can use rock salt too).

2) Leave the crystals inside the bowl for 24 hours. Dry the crystals with a piece of cloth or paper with paper towels and place them under solar light for a complete day. If you do this on a full moon day, leave the crystals exposed to moonlight so as to charge them with psychic lunar energies.

3) This is just for the first time when you are starting to use the crystals.


1) Take the crystals out of the bowl.

2) Rinse them with running water; dry them carefully with a soft cloth or with paper towels.

3) Place the Reiki Power Plate inside the Reiki Power Box. See figure.

4) On top of this Reiki Power Plate, place the photograph with the name of the patient and also his/her signature. See figure.

5) Place the Antahkarana Grid Plate on top. See figure.

6) Place the 6-faced pyramid clear crystal on the center slot of the Antahkarana Grid Plate. (You can also use glue or adhesive or gum tape for permanently fixing the crystals onto the plate). See figure.

7) Place the 6 (3 rose and 3 clear) quartz crystals on the 6 slots around the center slot. For Reiki Pyramid-Advance place the crystals as shown in Figure below. (you can also use glue or adhesive or gum tape for permanently fixing the crystals onto the plate).

8) Now your Reiki Pyramid-Advance tool is ready for use.


1) First charge the Master Crystal because you are going to use this to charge the other crystals. You can charge the Mast- er Crystal holding it in your hand while receiving an initiation; or by holding it while you practice Meditation or channelling energy into it with the Master Symbol (or any other symbol of your choice).

2) Place it in the center of the master charging plate when not in use. This gives constant power to it. See figure below.


STEP 1. Charging the Grid with the MASTER CRYSTAL

1) Take the Master Crystal in your hand and first charge the center pyramid. Do this by drawing the Master symbol / Power Symbol(or any symbol of your choice) using the Master Crystal like it were a pen or a wand.

2) Next we charge the other crystals using the Master Crystal like a wand or pen . Draw the Power Symbol or the Masster Symbol with the tip of the Master Crystal on each of the 6 quartz crystals that will form the grid and repeat the kotodama (mantra) of the symbol 3 times. You can also use the symbols and procedure that you normally use for treatments. We recommend using the Power symbol, but you can use any symbol you normally use to treat patients.

3) Channel energy to each crystal for at least 5 minutes.

4) Charge the outer crystal.

5) Now move ot the right and touch the next crystal and charge it with the Master Crystal.

6) Charge each crystal till you reach the one where you started.

7) Leave the Master Crystal placed on the masculine Antahkarma Charging Plate, outside the Reiki Pyramid-Advance.

STEP 2. Preparing the names of the patients or the goals. Write in little pieces of paper the names and the place of residence of the people you are going to send energy to, or the goals you want you to achieve. You can also use stamp-size pictures also. In the back of the pieces of paper or Pictures draw the Symbol of Light, or the Master Symbol, or any other symbol you use for distant healing.


1. Place the papers with names of the people, the goals or the small-size pictures in the Reiki Power Box.

2. Place the Reiki Power Plate on top of the Reiki Power Box.

3. Place the Antahkarma Grid Plate on the Reiki Power Plate.

4. Place the 6-faced pyramid crystal in the center of Antahkarma Grid Plate such that the sides of the crystal pyramid correspond to the grooves on the plate.

5. Place the 6 crystals making a circle around the pyramid, pointing each one to one of the faces of the pyramid. You can place the 3 clear quartz crstals together and next to them the rose quartz crystal; or you can place one rose quartz crystal next to a clear quartz crystal. Follow your intuition to find the best method.

6. Take the Master Crystal in your hand and point it towards the apex/top of the pyramid. Visualize how the pyramid is being charged by a laser ray that comes out of the Master Crystal.

7. Now move the point of the Master Crystal towards any of the crystals that are forming the circle, always visualizing the laser ray that touches the crystal and charges it. You must always make a triangular movement. That is: you start tracing a liner from the pyramid apex to any crystal, then you move to the right connecting the crystal you are charging with the next crystal, and then you return the ray to the apex/top of the pyramid. You must always move to the right and eventually return to the starting point (the apex/top of the pyramid).

8. While making the triangular movements, you can repeat the f o l l o w i n g invocations/mantras: (Or you can repeat the mantras of your choice)

"I charge this grid with light, with light, with light... for spiritual growth and healing" (repeat 3 times and go 3 times around the crystals)

"I charge this grid with peace, with peace, with peace...for spiritual growth and healing" (repeat 3 times and go 3 times around the crystals)

"I charge this grid with love, with love, with love... for consciousness development and healing" (repeat 3 times and go 3 times around the crystals)

At the end of the charging process you must have gone around the crystals 9 times.

9. Leave the Master Crystal outside the Reiki Pyramid - Advance, and placed on the masculine Antahkarana MasterChargerPlate.

10. Place the Reiki Power Top of the ReikiPyramid - Advance on the top of the Antahkarana Grid Plate, without adjusting it too hard so as not to move the crystals inside.

11. Now you are ready to work, but make sure that nobody can touch your Reiki Pyramid - Advance. In case someone does touch it then you will have to repeat the whole process of charging the crystals and the Reiki Pyramid - Advance once again.


1. The symbols suggested in this instruction booklet are for guidance purpose only and are suggested as per methodologies followed by the Spanish Reiki Alliance, Spain Reiki practitiioners and Masters who follow a different system or have different symbols may use the tool as per their intuition as the tool will give results to a practitioner or Master of any healing system.

2. The Reiki Pyramid - Advance must be left in a place of easy access only to the Master or practitioner that charged it because no one else should touch the yantra. If the crystals that are inside the pyramid move (even a few millimeters) the whole grid loses its charge and the process of cleaning, charging and activatiion must be started again.

3. Sending energy with the Reiki Pyramid - Advance is more powerful than sending it only the techniques to channel energy at a distance.

4. To incresse the power of the energy that is being channeled through the Reiki Pyramid - Advance, you can charge it channeling energy with both hands placed 1 or 2 inches above the top of the pyramid, or also sending energy at a distance (using a picture of the pyramid and the Symbol of Light or the MasterSymbol).

5. Once the Reiki Pyramid - Advance has been charged, it is not necessary to charge it every day. The tool keeps itself charged for a whole weeek (if the crystals inside have not been moved).

6. You can channel and send the abundant power of Reiki to 10 people with the Reiki Pyramid - Advance. The energy will reach them all with the same level of power.

7. If - for any reason - it is necessary to remove the photograph with the name of a person or his/her picture or a goal you had put inside, you must start the charging process again (starting with the crystals' cleaning).

Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 77 For more information on how to use this tool and for latest updates on this tool, please visit

Click to watch a video to Program the Advance Reiki:{youtube}tF_bUg4_NdY{/youtube}