Pyron Pyramid Cosmic Energy Harmoniser set of 9

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Pyron cosmic Energy Harmoniser (for health and other benefits) (Kit includes 9 as per feng shui)

PINK-LOVE: Represents union and relationships, it is associated with yielding, summer and the maternal female. It produces peace and harmony and it is likened to a successful relationship between man and woman.

RED-FAME: Represents illumination of self, reputation, visibility (fame) in the world. It is associated with summer. It produces a source of strength and encouragement.

LIVE GREEN-WEALTH: Represents wealth, blessing, growth and assimilation; it is associated with wind and spring. Its a source of prosperity and material well being.

GREEN-FAMILY RELATIONSHIP: Represents elder, ancestors, family, health and well being; its associated with spring and new beginning. Imparts wisdom, elderly experienceand vitality.

BLUE-CAREER: Represents your journey through lifecarrer, associated with winder. also represents buness, fortune and success.

BROWN-EDUCATION: Represents inner knowledge, wisdom and quiet- and its symbol is mountain; associated with winter. It gives access to a deeper knowledge and education, helps you to be more intuitive.

METALLIC- HELPFUL FRIENDS Represents leadership, achievement, helpful friends, mentors and teachersand symbolizes heaven; it is associated with the head of the household and autumn

GRAY-CHILDREN: Represents creativity, joy, childrenand its symbol is a lake; it is associated with autumn. Supports child health, education and creativity.

YELLOW-HEALTH: Represents balance, harmony and health, Its symbol is Yin-Yang; and is associated with energy and vitality. .

For the first time -pre programmed for the purpose and ready to use.

Effective tool for fulfilling your goals and desire.

Very easy and practical to use, can be combined with any other pyramid yantra method or other system.

Specially computed uplifted silver or gold 'codes' and cosmic disc for fast results Pyrons are very easy to use, just fix appropriate Pyron in your room(hang on the wall or place in specific position according to vastu or fengshui principles so that it is visible range)After you place pyron in your home, office or workplace, wish the purpose for 2 minutes everyday. Consult a Pyravastu or Feng Shui expert for more accurate or detail positioning. Here is your way to heavenly stems! Prof. Dr. jiten Bhatt's Pyron with its mystical powers can enhance the essence of life including prosperity, marriage, health,career oppurtunites and luck. pyron is the discovery of Dr. Bhatt's intense research on Pyramid, Vastu, Yantra and Feng Shui.

Double Energy multiple results

This first time ever! The design of Pyron imparts double benefits as it has inbuilt Pyramid Yantra with 9 pyramids and 81 base pyramids. Also to add more power it is enriched with 9 pre programmed copper discs at the bottom (pre programmed for the purpose). Plus , all the top of the pyron a computer uplifted specific 'silver code' or gold disc to solve your everyday problems.

Pre Programmed, Easy and Ready to Use

Pyron due to its multiple benefits gives you easy solution to all vastu, Fengshui and chi management methods. Pyron has a wide range of more than 36 yantras, each with a specific purpose and a programmed computer Gold disc or 'silver code' on top of it. Choose one or more according to you wish and purpose.