Pyron - Jupiter-Spirituality

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Pyron - Jupiter-Spirituality

Secret Features :

  • Inbuilt pyramid yantra with 9 pyramids and 81 base pyramids
  • Fortified with 9 pre-programmed copper discs at the bottom
  • Can be combined with any other pyramid instrument system

Description :

Represents energy, knowledge, self-illumination, spiritual power and courage. It is associated with progress, expansion of consciousness, justice and status. It makes its natives independent, bold, healthy, ambitious, active, popular, self-confident and initiators. 3 is their psychic number and for those born on day 3, 12, 21 or 30.

Pre-programmed dual energy tool for 9 specific purposes.

Effective tool for fulfilling your goals and desires.

Specially computed uplifted silver or gold 'codes' and cosmic disc for fast results.

Due to its multiple benefits, Pyron gives you easy solution to all vastu, feng shui and chi management methods.

Here is your way to heavenly systems!  Pyron, with its mystical powers, can enhance the essence of life, including prosperity, marriage, health, career opportunities and luck.

Easy to Use :

Pyrons are very easy to use, just fix appropriate Pyron in your room (hang on the wall or place in specific position according to vastu or fengshui principles so that it is in visible range). After you place pyron in your home, office or workplace, wish the purpose for 2 minutes everyday. Consult a PyraVastu expert for more accurate or detailed positioning.