Pyramids for Feng Shui & Vastu (9th edition)Language Hindi

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Pyramids for Feng Shui & Vastu (9th edition)Language (Hindi) Discover quick and ways to enhance health, peace and properity. Also learn hundreds of Do-it- yourself, practical techniques to correct Vastu & Feng Shui defects with the power of Pyramids. By today more than 2.5 million people are connected with this Pyramid-Net. Don't Wait! Just try a simple experiment from this book and expect a miracle! . Explore countless easy-to-apply secrets to attract more money, happiness and success. . Genuine Knowhow of Prof Dr. Jiten Bhatts theories, who is the founder of PyraVastu method and Pyramid Yantra . Down-to-earth advice for house, apartments,stores, factory or office. With practical examples . The inside story of the Great Pyramids, its miracles, real photographs and latest theories . Fast understanding with more than 600 illustrations and plan in the book