Pyramid Vastu Questionnaire Evaluation

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Pyramid- Vastu Questionnaire Evaluation
For living or work Place

City: State: Zip:
Phone: Cell:
Email: Fax:

Please print or write clearly
This information will be used solely for Pyrahealth Product Evaluatuion
Is this rental, lot, home and/or business?

What is the shape of each of these spaces-square,rectangular, or irregular?

Please draw on a separate sheet of paper/s and indicate the directions ( N, E, S, W, NE, NW, SE, SW) and measurements of each side of the lot and dwelling.

Draw out a floor plan of house indicating directions and measurement of each room. Create a separate page for each level. Include all areas-closets; laundry room; bathrooms (full bath, half, or toilet and sink only-include directions); garage; family room etc.

Indicate exactly where are: water heaters,boilers, propane tank, electric meter, large rocks, shrubs, refrigerator, stove, sink, water body, stairs, hill/s, stream or other energy forms.

Is there a slope (downward decline of land more than 6") and in what direction? Particularly observe if there is a slope in South or West.

What directions, if any, does your roof slope?

Clearly indicate the placement and directions of the main door and all entrances.

Is there any church, temple, cemetery, large building, high rise, or other noticeable structure near the area/dwelling? What? How far?

Other significant information:Type of Soil?

You may send information by fax or mail to:
Pyrahealth Products 4905 W. 84th Street Bloomington Minnesota 55437
Tel:1-877-453-3640 Fax: 952-400-8008 Attn:Swami or Priya