Protect 9X9 Super

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Protect 9x9 Super

Protect Outside Inside Twin Pack Protect outside

Protect and Reflect evil energy, for your office, Home & Factory

Protect's evil energy Sha Chi of any sharp corners of objects outside your building facing door or window

Must for front door or wall to protect from Veedhi shoola, Dwar vedha or Sha Chi, Also protects from poison arrow and enhances good Fortune.

It helps protecting your home, factory,or shop sha chi like shinning mirrors, sharp pointing objects or incomplete construction of other buildings next door, heavy transformer outside or water on wrong side

protect 9X9 is recommended for outside use only. It can be put on wall in multiple of 3 or 9 depending on the strength of the defect.

Can be programmed, the Pyramid yantra and Gold FaMaa chip in the center helps the programming. Protect Inside

Protection & Luck enhancement tool, ideal for your office, Home and Factory

Protect's from evil energy,Sha Chi of any sharp corner of objects, door, staircase or beam

Also protects from poison arrow and enhance good luck to bring fortune

Ideal inside bedrooms, offices, factory conference room or any meeting place where positive chi is needed.

Can be programmed, due to the Pyramid Yantra and the Gold FaMaa chip in the center

Very easy to use,just place between your hands and make a intense wish of the purpose and stick on the wall