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However difficult your situation may appear, he offers hope and a new perception, so you can make the right decision. Internationally known for his work to bring together science and spirituality to offer a quantum leap into a new phase of human wellness. Also researching the Human Energy field for more than 30 years, resulting in the development of PyraVastu method. Dr. Jiten's unique scientific perspective to ancient wisdom resulted into more than 200 innovative products, used for peace, prosperity and health. Graced by the mystic powers and knowledge he has trained 26500 people world wide. He is also awarded by the 'Young Scientist of India' thrice by the President, 'Gem of Pyramidology' and many other. This Pyramid Yantra is one of his latest breakthrough, do not wait, start exploring the magical secret! Meditation inspires us to find our inner self that has immense power for creativity and growth in every aspect of life. We can achieve te power to get most out of life. Meditation brings for us an explosion of positive awareness. This awareness attunes, unites and focuses all our energies towards or goal in life. This is ancient yet very powerful way to achieve success in both material and spiritual world. To reach the state of meditation or the absolute effortlessness, we require descending force from heaven and ascending force of earth to harmonisly unite with us forming a blissful link. Meditation on Pyramid Yantra "Meditation Seat" gives surprising results as it has inbuilt copper yantras to attract the uplifting force of heaven and magnets to stabilize the de-stressing force of mother earth. Thus making it very easy for us to connect and be a part of the blissful heaven-earth link. This specially designed seat with yantra on top helps us achieve health, happiness, and prosperity. IT reduces stress an makes us feel more energetic and prepares us positively for succcess.

SECRET FEATURES: *Power of 6561 pyramid yantra *Includes 81 preprogrammed gold chip yantras and 648 copper chip yantras * 729 magnets to stabilize the force of mother earth * Special yantra on top for quick results * Cosmic blue color for relaxation


MYSTIC BENEFITS: *Brings good health, success and prosperity

*Promotes physical relaxation and calmness

* Increases the level of vital energy in our body

* Gives us an opportunity to experience complete peace of mind

*Improves concentration, confidence and memory

*Helps us take important decisions at the right time to achieve success

* Develops harmony between mind and body

*Helps to cope with stress, tension, anxiety and depression


EASY TO USE: Sit in a quiet and peaceful room. It is easy to meditate in a quiet room that is free from interruptions of any sort. Take your meditation seat and place it on the floor, which enhances your better contact with the de-stressing force of mother earth. Now sit in a calm, comfortable and relaxed position on the seat. Gently allow yourself to focus on recieving more health, wellness, happiness, success and prosperity. Do not make a strenous effort to concentrate. Just try to be aware of your needs and your surrounding. Be the part of the process and the heaven-earth link will connect on it's own. Breathe deeply and repeat your wish. Heave faith and trust in yourself and your immense ability to achieve success. You are blessed all the time when you are the part of heaven-earth link. You have the power to transform your dreams and wishes into reality. Allow your sub-concious mind to work for you. After some time when you feel like opening your eyes and returning back to your world of action, slowly open your eyes and start working towards your goal. Success is yours!


Relax and Enhance Your Meditation People of every age and background are experiencing deep rest and peace inMeditation and many believe, this energy - force within can be directed creatively. In - Pyramid biofeedback testing showed higher Beta activity. Even when subjects eyes were open, several bursts pf theta waves occured between alpha patterns. This showed accelerated and deeper meditative states which are easily possible within a Pyramid enviroment. The eight most frequently reported reactions in Pyramids are - (1) Tingling sensation, (2) Feeling of warmth, (3) Sense of weightlessness, (4) Freedom from tension and feeling of relaxation, (5) "Dropping away" of external sights, sounds and stimuli, (6) Different colours, graphic visions and dreams, (7) Time distortation (8) Deeper more satisfying Meditation

La meditación se volverá parte de tu rutina diaria. La práctica regular de este método probado, trae beneficios para tu salud y bienestar. Anímate a desarrollar el poder ilimitado del cuerpo, mente y alma. SILLA DE LA PAZ Y LA MEDITACIÓN Explora esta fuerza positiva para lograr el éxito en el mundo material y espiritual. Para activar un estado perfecto de meditación, necesitamos la fuerza descendiente del cielo o del paraíso y también la fuerza de soporte de la tierra. Esta nueva silla pirámide meditación tiene incorporados 81 chips de cobre y yantras de 9x9 para potencializar la fuerza beneficiosa del cielo. También tiene localizados estratégicamente 81 magnetos tierra para materializar la fuerza de la madre tierra. Descubra el tesoro interior para alcanzar un estado puro de total conciencia y bienaventuranza. La meditación es también una medicina espiritual para aliviar la tensión, la ansiedad, el stress y otros desórdenes. La meditación sobre este asiento pirámide te puede ayudar a enfrentarte con el mundo externo competitivo y rápido y tomar decisiones rápidas y correctas con tu propio yo interno. Llévate a ti mismo a tu puro y perfecto yo, de adentro hacia afuera. La dimensión real 600x600 milímetros con una esponja confortable y un yantra especial adicional sobre la superficie superior.