OSHO Dynamic Meditation

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The Science - The Understanding -

The Experience

OSHO Dynamic Meditation is the most powerful technique to discover the art of being silent and peaceful. We modern people tend to be filled with accumulated stress in our body and mind and it si very difficult for most of us just to be silent. Osho has created this meditation so we can first express all our repressed emotions, feelings and wounds, creating an empty space, which will allow us to experience this silence and peace. This DVD shows you all about OSHO Dynamic Meditation and opportunity to change your life.


1. From Chaos to Silence: 25 minutes

2. Instruction Video: OSHO Dynamic Meditation: 7 minutes

3. OSHO TALKS: Insights on OSHO Dynamic Meditations: 15 minutes

4. OSHO Dynamic Meditaion music with the sound of participants: 1 hour

5. OSHO International Meditation Resort: 5 minutes

DVD Video Language: English Subtitles: Chinese-traditional, Spanish, Japanese & English for the hearing impaired.