Mystic Eye 9X9

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MYSTIC EYE9x9 Mystic Pyramid Eye for all-round Protection'

* Protects from the Evil eye.

* Use in shops, offices, homes and factories.

* Ideal for prosperous and flourising businesses.

* Helps to get harmony, peace and happiness. SECRET FEATURES

* Power of built-in 81 pyramids with extra energy of 9 gold pyramids.

* Boosting energy of 9 Divine symbol on top.

* Bottom is activated with 8 copper discs and 1 Gold radiator disc. EASY TO USE Hang with a brass screw on the wall of your store or home or inside the office facing the entrance. You can increase the power by fixing multiple Discs in the same office. It is very simple to use and gives fantastic results. Also recommended for meditation rooms and therapy centers.