Multier 9x9 Vastu Kit

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Vastu 9x9 (9 multier) (For Fengshui & Vastu correction of Living place, Working place & more) Vastu 9x9- a kit of 9 Multier pyramids ideal for home, office, and factory. Can be placed under the ground in a grid of nine or can be used seperately as single pyramid. Some commmon use are follows: Vastu 9x9 can used under the plot, in the center or on the ceiling in a flat. If the intensity of the problem is more it can be increase in multiples to 18 or 27. Vastu kit can be used for protection from road chi. It can be placed in ground for maximum benefit. 9 Free Booster Plates will be included with this order.

For Benefits and description look up Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 138

Electric transformers should not be in northeast direction of your property. It can be fixed by placing row of 8 multier under the ground or around the transformer. Page 154, Pyramid yantra for Vastu by Dr. Dhara Bhatt


To energise production or product with multier pyramid under the conveyer belt Page 155, Pyramid yantra for Vaastu by Dr. Dhara Bhatt

Pyramid Energy(Py energy) in cash box. For maximum cash flow place a multier pyramid in your cash box itself and let the pyenergy increase your cash flow.Page 156, Pyramid yantra for Vastu by Dr. Dhara Bhatt

if kitchen need to be activated center activation can be achieved by placing 9 multier. Page 141, Pyramid yantra for Vastu by Dr. Dhara Bhatt

Wall, staircase, bathroom,pillar is in the center of the house. This create chi block and can be fixed by placing 3 multier in a row or 8 multiers around it Page 138, Pyramid yantra for Vastu by Dr. Dhara Bhatt


Pyravastu for center activation of property 9 multier pyramids in the center and 9 multier in each corner is ideal for safeguard protection and growth.Page 135, Pyramid yantra for Vastu by Dr. Dhara Bhatt


PIRÁMIDES VASTU MULTIER 9X9 VASTU KIT Juego de 9 pirámides Multier El conjunto Vastu 9x9 de 9 pirámides Multier es ideal para el hogar, oficina o fábrica. Se puede colocar bajo la superficie en un grupo de 9 o puede ser usado separadamente como una sola pirámide. Algunos usos más comunes son los siguientes: el Vastu 9x9 se puede usar bajo un lote en el centro o en el techo de un apartamento. Si la intensidad del problema es mayor, se puede aumentar en múltiplos 18 o 27. El juego Vastu se puede utilizar para protección del ki y colocarse en el suelo para obtener un beneficio máximo.


Look up the description and benefits in Pyramid Yantra for Vaastu Book on Page 108 Also PyraVastu Workshop Principles