Meditation The First and Last Freedom

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"If a man makes a seven-day commitment, by the end of that period he should begin to feel that something has happened to him. He should become a different man in seven days' time.... So, I say practice today and feel the result immediately." Osho
Up Your Meditation IQ... with this latest edition of the Osho meditation hand book.
The value of incorporating meditation in one's life is widely recognized - by medical experts, by business gurus, by top athletes and artists alike.
"I read a lot of Osho's books...I love his work and what he writes about." Lady Gaga
This practical meditation handbook contains an understanding of what meditation is, and gives a wide variety of meditation techniques created by or
contemporized by Osho. They include the unique Osho Active Meditations,
especially designed to deal with the intensity and stress of living in a world that moves faster by the day and never seems to switch off. Some of the over eighty techniques require setting time aside, while others integrate meditation into your day-to-day activities. Ultimately meditation becomes an undercurrent that is present like our breathing-a relaxed alertness your companion where ever you go.
"Osho advocated meditation for everyone, but his technique was revolutionary, beginning not with stillness and silence but with activity to release pent-up energy and emotions, leading to a state of calmness in which meditation can flourish." The Washington Post