House Warming Kit

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Our house warming kit comes with Multier Advance, Pyra Fire pyramid, Natron pyramid and a Protect 9x9- Inside door pyramid. These basic pyramids help some one move into the house with no hassle. Enjoy continued energy and flow of positive chi with our house warming kit. Comes with installation instruction.This kit advance pyramid are designed with 9X9 pyramids, copper and the number grid. This makes the correction for center of the property installing either on the ceiling or the wall of the middle point of the home there is alternate pyramid if the square foot of the home is larger. Follow the direction as given.

Fire pyramids helps to revitalize the energy and maximize the flow of energy.One can realize vision with this pyramid.

Natron can be fixed inside the bathroom ceiling or wall. It stops the negatives of the bathroom, With a unique seasalt chamber all the negative are absorbed and the salt is changed every 6 months.

Finally this also come with a inside door pyramid. This is a unique grid which when put on the main door helps to attract positive chi.

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