From Unconsciousness to Consciousness

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From Unconsciousness to Consciousness
These are the first talks Osho gave after a period of more than three years' silence.

Answering a diverse selection of questions, Osho outlines his vision for the future of mankind and reveals in stark terms how our social and psychological structures depend upon the illusion that there is a God. He speaks of how modern man, with his radically divergent left and right brains, currently appears to have two major thought systems to choose from for his understanding of himself and the world he lives in - science, with its logical certainties or religious superstition.

In this book, Osho offers us a third alternative: consciousness.

He points out that a man divided against himself will create a divided world, while a man of meditation is a whole man, integrated. And such an integrated man can only create a world where love and understanding are the rule, and war and crimes the exception.

"You just don't read Osho, you undefine yourself."
The Book Reader, USA

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: Silence, the Pull of the Innermost Zero

Chapter 2: Don?t Follow Me - Because I am Lost Myself

Chapter 3: Godliness, but There Is No God

Chapter 4: The Opium Called Religion

Chapter 5: To Be Rebellious Is to Be Religious

Chapter 6: The So-Called Holy Books: Just Religious Pornography

Chapter 7: From Crossianity to Jonestown

Chapter 8: Will-to-Power: The Cancer of the Soul

Chapter 9: Just to Be Born Is Not Enough to Be Alive

Chapter 10: Your Childhood - An Education in Psychological Slavery

Chapter 11: Yes, I Teach You Selfishness

Chapter 12: Live Now, Pray Later

Chapter 13: Ready-to-Wear Religion at the Secondhand Store

Chapter 14: I Am a Gnostic

Chapter 15: The Priest and the Politician - The Mafia of the Soul

Chapter 16: God Is the Greatest Fiction Ever

Chapter 17: The Immaculate Deception

Chapter 18: Marriage - The Coffin of Love

Chapter 19: Meditation - The Science of Awareness

Chapter 20: You Cannot Manufacture Enlightenment

Chapter 21: Enlightenment - The Only Way Home

Chapter 22: Theology - The Jungle of Lies

Chapter 23: The Only Way to Fail Me Is Not to Be Yourself

Chapter 24: The Psychology of Being - The Golden Key

Chapter 25: I Am Against Religions, but I Am For Religion

Chapter 26: Your Actions Are Not My Concern - Your Consciousness Is

Chapter 27: Religion - The Last Luxury

Chapter 28: Commandments, No - Just a Few Requests

Chapter 29: I Teach You Reverence For Life

Chapter 30: There Are No Golden Rules

Excerpt from From Unconsciousness to Consciousness
Chapter 1

Communication is through words, and communion is through silence.

So these days of silence have been immensely fruitful. Now only those are left for whom my presence is enough, my being is enough, for whom just the gesture of my hand is enough, for whom my eyes are enough - for whom language is no more a need.

But today I have suddenly decided to speak again - again after one thousand, three hundred and fifteen days - for the simple reason that the picture that I have been painting all my life needs a few touches here and there to complete it, because that day when I became silent, everything was left incomplete. Before I depart from you as far as my physical body is concerned, I would like to complete it.

I have been speaking to Hindus, to Christians, to Jews, to Mohammedans, to Jainas, to Buddhists, to Sikhs, to people belonging to almost all the so-called religions. This is for the first time that I am speaking to my own people: not to Hindus, not to Mohammedans, not to Christians, not to Jews. It makes a lot of difference, and only because of that difference can I give the finishing touch to the picture that I have been painting. What difference does it make? To you I can speak directly, immediately. To the Hindus I had to speak through Krishna, and I was not happy about it. But there was no other way, it was a necessary evil. To Christians I could speak only through Jesus. I was not at ease about it, but there was no other way. So one has to choose the least evil. Let me explain to you.

I do not agree with Jesus on all points. In fact, there are many questions which I have left unanswered, because even to touch them would have been destructive to those Christians who had come to me. Now they are clean. People say that I am brainwashing people. No, I am not brainwashing people. I am certainly washing their brains - and I believe in dry cleaning! So I can say to you now exactly what I feel; otherwise, it was a burden on me.

To speak on Mahavira was necessary because without that it was impossible to get any Jainas to hear me. And with Mahavira I do not agree on all points. In fact, my disagreement is on more points than my agreement. So I had to do a strange job: I had to choose those points on which I could agree, and not talk at all about those points on which I was absolutely against. And even on the points on which I have a certain agreement I had to manage another thing: that was to give new meanings to their words, to give my meaning to their words. It was not their meaning. If Mahavira comes he will be angry; if Jesus comes he will be angry. If this whole crowd of Jesus, Mahavira, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu meets me somewhere, they will all be mad at me because I have made them say things they would never have dreamed of. They could not. Sometimes I have even put meanings into their words which go basically against them, but there was no other way.

The whole world is divided. You can?t find a single man who is clean. Either he is a Christian - he is carrying one kind of dirt; or he is a Hindu - he is carrying another kind of dirt. Now it is possible for me to say exactly and directly things which may even sound bitter.

You have asked why I call my religion the first and perhaps the last religion.

Yes, I call it the first religion, because religion is the highest flowering of consciousness. Up to now, man was not capable of conceiving of it. Even now, only one percent of humanity is barely able to conceive of it. The masses are still living in the past, burdened with the past, conditioned by the past. Barely one percent of mankind is in a state now to conceive of religion. All the old religions are based in fear. Now, a real religion destroys fear. It is not based in fear."