Finding Your Own Way

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In Breaking All Boundaries, Osho uncovers the layers of conditioning that have imprisoned the mind of each and every human being, and have formed centuries-thick boundaries that hold man back from reaching his potential. And he reveals how, the very moment that the old is gone, one can enter the space of meditation. In this book, Osho explores several techniques for rreaching this clear, clean slate.
Rarely will you find the truth so easy to understand, and the way forward so practically explained.

"You will have to know the ego; you will have to know sex, anger, attachment, and greed with great simplicity and innocence. Know them as they are: the realities of your like, the energies of your life. And it is surprising that if you just become aware of any fact and try look at it, by that very alertness, by the very awareness itself, the fact starts changing. You don't have to do anything." OSHO