Energy 9x9 Pyramid

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Energy 9x9 Pyramid

Secret Features:

  • Enriched with Pyra grid power 6561
  • Programmed with 9 cosmic energy FaMaa discs at the bottom
  • 'Lotus Yantra' at the center with Eight directional benefits
  • Power of Gold pyramid in the center


Energy 9x9 (Pyenergy for house, store, office and for Acupressure use) This special  energy enhancer improves the flow of energy in your home and brings good chi in the whole house. It is used in various Fengshui and Vastu correction methods and has many uses, place on the wall of your home, shop or office.

Easy To Use:

Very easy to use; place the plate between your two hands and personalize for the purpose, then hang on a brass screw or stick with a double side tape.


ACUPRESSURE Acupressure is a famous Chinese art of dealing with energy of the body. Besides in China, feet are also given importance in India. Here 'pooja' is performed of 'Vishnupada', the feet of Lord Vishnu. According to acupressure, all the nerve endings are found on soles and palms. The feet points are more sensitive to those of the palms and so, more importance is given to feet. In new Energy 9x9 the concept of acupressure is taken along with the power of pyramids. This will increase immensely the flow of energy in the body making it full of spirit and activeness. Here, the points of acupressure are charged by a total of 7,500 pyramids with the special white color for more efficiency. You have to do only a simple process - place Energy 9x9 on the floor and step on it by placing one foot and then the other. Now, leave the other little free for some time and then do vice-versa. Do this process for three minutes twice a day in morning-for a day full of vitality and activeness and in evening - for a better, sound sleep. Doing such pyramidal acupressure can also cure you of pains, aches, insomnia etc. (8) SCOPE OF PYRAMID YANTRA Pyramid yantra is your personal tool to help you in innumerable ways. Here only some uses are given just to show you a direction to use your pyramid yantra - (i) In farms place pyramid yantra around the plants and boundaries of farm to energize the plants to give better yield of a better quality. (ii) For animals - if you rear up animals or just for pets, place pyramid yantra over their sheds, kennels or homes for their producing a better quality of required poultry or milk product or just for making your pet active and sporty. (iii) Curing - it can be used for helping in anxiety, depression, fear, wrong habits, allergy, negativity, jealousy, anger and many others for which there is no answer in medicine. It also helps in boosting of confidence. (iv) Healing - Pyramid yantra is a very helpful tool in distant healing, absent healing, pranic healing, Reiki, spiritual healing and many others because this is a tool which has a unique power to resonate with the cosmic energy, which is very helpful in obtaining better results in healing. When regular methods of healing and pyramid yantra energy is applied together, it enhances the effect of healing. Thus, pyramid yantra can help you immensely in creating a more lively, energetic, healthy, happier and prosperous life. Healing Phenomena The Pyramid, indeed does generate a force field that contributes to healing, but it may not apply to some persons for some mystical reasons. Pyramid works on all seven levels of human systems - physical, etheric, astral, lower mind, higher mind, soul and spirit. The Pyramid provides us the energy of rejunvenating tissues, relieving pain and aches and other minor disorders in just an hour or half. It can also help in diseases like psoriasis, insomnia, fractures, high or low pressure etc., but it takes time. Pyramid healing power has immense effects not only on humans but also on animals, plants and other living beings. The Pyramid energy can aid to healing quickly the pain relief is seen just in a few minutes, it is faster than the usual time. And understanding of this shortened length of healing time by Pyramid, is still a mystery. When the water or medicine or herb is given without Pyramid charging it does not work. Hence, Pyramid actually works and is not simply a placebo.


Pynergy para la casa, la tienda y la oficina Este potencializador de energía 9x9 mejora el flujo de energía en tu hogar y hace circular el buen ki en toda la casa. Se utiliza en varios métodos de corrección Vastu y Feng Shui y brinda otros numerosos usos. Lo puede colocar Lo puedes colocar en la pared de tu casa, tienda u oficina. Es fácil de utilizar: coloca la placa entre tus dos manos y personaliza tu propósito, luego cuélgalo con un tornillo de bronce o pégalo con un pegante doble. . Enriquecido con el pyragrid power . Programado ahora también con 9 famaas discos de energía cósmica. . Yantra Lotus en el centro con el beneficio de las 8 direcciones . Poder adicional de la pirámide oro en el centro