Education Pyramid (For academic success)

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Education Pyramid (For academic success) Education Pyramid is useful for Education of Children for enhancing knowledge and wisdom. This education tower with triple pyramid effect and special copper education yantra invented by Dr. Jiten Bhatt also gives access to the deeper knowledge and education. Advisable on study table or hang with brass screw on the wall in front of the students chair.

Mind and Study

Pyramids can become very hand and most helpful source for improvement of memory, gain of confidence and lessening of stress. Children have always had the exam and test times as their most stressful and tension feeling periods. Pyramids can assist them during this time or in their overall study period by just placing the pyramid under their seat, on their study table, behind the table. In some case pyracap or pyrahat can be balanced over the head during the study. Pyramid meditation can be done by sitting with pyramid hat or pyramid cap for 10 minutes in morning and evening.This unique education pyramid comes with space for photo, name and personal notes to customize for each individual.

PIRÁMIDE DE LA EDUCACIÓN El poder de las pirámides para el éxito de tus hijos La EP es valiosa para la educación de tus hijos porque desarrolla más conocimiento y sabiduría. Esta torre de educación con el efecto de tres pirámides y un yantra educación especial de cobre fundado por el profesor dr. Bhatt, permite el acceso a un conocimiento y educación más profundo. Se recomienda utilizarlo en las mesas de estudio o para colgar sobre la pared enfrente de la silla del estudiante.