Dogen the Zen Master

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Through an exploration of the sutras of Dogen, a Japanese Zen master whaneo lived from 1200 - 1253,
Osho creates here a tool of tremendous support for self - transformation.
Dogen asked why, if all beings are endowed with buddha nature, as Buddha says, is discipline necessary? Finding an authentic master, he comes to the realization that everyone is already a
buddha, and what is missing is simply recognition.
Osho describes how to know the differso transmits the very essence of the meditative experience
it is possible to be enlightened by all things, in all situations.
This book is dedicated to the moon, whose reflection in a calm lake is a symbol of awareness. Throughout, haiku - pictorial Japanese poems - add a visual dimension. Each chapter ends with a guided meditation
- just like
"I want you to understand: enlightenment is so light, so loving, so peaceful - just like laughter.The theologians have made it so heavy, so burdensome, that people ignore it. Enlightenment should also
be entertainment at the same time." Osho