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Your practical hand book
to manage physical, mental and emotional problems in life.
Get freedom from disease...This book gives you 101 easy-to-use new age formulas to get rid of pain and disease. This is a step-by-step fully illustrated self-help guide that is simple enough even for a child to understand and learn the art, science and spirit of health and happiness. Health is freely available... If Nature can create such a variety of life, it also knows how to maintain it and keep everyone happy. Just dance to the divine tune of nature and the rest is all automatic. Health is nothing but equilibrium within us and harmony with nature. Medicine is not enough...Medicines, doctors, healers, herbs and food are all outer support systems but without inner cooperation, cure is not possible. Without your participation, medicine or any other outer treatment is incomplete. Be aware; learn to play your role wisely. Pain is not your enemy...Pain is a faithful friend and your inner guru. If you do not pay proper attention to pain today, then you could end up with life-threatening diseases later. Decode the messages of pain and learn to treat their root cause with reliable, safe and effective methods.
Abundance is within... If you search outside for peace, prosperity, health and happiness, then you will never find it. Remember that the real treasure is within. Understand yourself and Mother Nature to truly grow rich and healthy. FREE CD to change your life. See last page to get it.