Divine Aum 9x9

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Divine Aum 9x9

Secret Features : 

  • Power of built-in 81 pyramids with extra energy of 9 gold pyramids
  • Boosting energy of 9 Divine Aum on top
  • Bottom is activated with 8 copper discs and 1 Gold radiator disc

Description :

Divine Aum 9x9 for all-round wellness, the omnipresent vibration and the essence of Vedas. It is said that Aum is the divine mystical symbol that has the power to raise the person to the highest level of existence. As Aum represents the manifested and non-manifested forms of God. It pervades life and bestows Divine grace.


* Gives support to past, present and future.


* Helps you to raise from small everyday problems towards finding solutions.


* Opens possibilities and brings out your potential.


* Ideal for those who want personal growth and to understand a deeper meaning of life.


Hang with a brass screw on the wall of your store or home or inside the office.Hang it facing the entrance. You can increase the power by fixing multiple Discs in the same office. It is very simple to use and gives fantastic results. Also recommended for meditation rooms and therapy centers.