Communism & Zen Fire Zen Wind

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"If we can create a situation, an education for people to understand their inner being, they will come out of it with great compassion, with love for every being. They will have a tremendous reverence for life. They cannot exploit. In fact, spiritual communism follow it as a shadow." Osho

In the last century people increasingly turned away form established religions towards political and social ideologies as they searched for meaning and solutions to the very challenging social and economic problems of the time. Initially communism believed that by changing people's outer circumstances, humanity would take a quantum leap in brotherhood and consciousness. At the time of this discourse series, and in the presence of a TV crew from the Soviet Russia, the communist bloc is rapidly disintegrating.
Osho discusses the details and context with beautiful clarity and explains that all political ideologies have failed so far because they have started from the wrong end, the collective. The first step has to be the growth of individual consciousness. Osho proposes stepping onto the path of
Zen - a path that will take the individual to a pure, authentic "spiritual communism" which can truly uplift humanity.
Throughout this book, his radical vision is subtly entwined with wonderful Zen anecdotes and a dazzling selection of jokes and haikus.