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Secret Features:

  • Power of 81 pyramids increased by unique 9 grids pushes positivity in the house or office
  • 8 Copper arrows concentrate and centralize the power of 8 directions into the box that contains the salt


Unique Pyramid for cleansing negativity from rooms, offices and negative areas.
Specially used before installing Pyramid Yanta in house or office.

Salt has always been considered a universal purifier, we have joined the wonderful effects of the Pyramid and the power of salt. Using of Cleanzon with salt gives you a quiet environment at the office. The Egyptians observed the Pyra products as a mystical symbol that is connected to directly form electromagnetic energy surrounding the earth.

Easy To Use:

Place some rock salt in the black cup and replace the lid.  Place the Cleanzon in the corner or area where there is negativity. Remove the salt next day and place fresh salt again, repeat this for 21 days for best results.