Bliss Living Beyond Happiness and Misery

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"Everyone wants to be free of suffering and misery, but no one wants to be free of happiness. The day you are ready to seek freedom from happiness, your life will have undergone a revolution."
Everyone is searching for happiness,says Osho, but because they are looking in the wrong direction - outside - no one ever really finds it. Real happiness, bliss, can only be found inside.  It can be reached by learning the "knack" of dis-identifying with the mind.
This book on the ancient wisdom of the Shiva Sutras explains how to do this.
These sutras will challenge and disturb people's ideas about how life can be lived, but they also reveal how bliss is already hidden in the states we all experience daily: waking, dreaming and sleeping.
Osho shows how to dis-identify from the desires and attachments of the mind that trap everyone during life, and pull them into the next. The beginning of being human happens only when we get out of this vicious circle called mind."