Beyond Psychology

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Speaking in an intimate setting, in Beyond Psychology Osho tells anecdotes ranging from his escapades as a young man, to his treatment at the hands of governments around the world,who fear his outspokenness to such an extent that they refuse him entry to their countries.
Just prior to these talks, Greece had abruptly cancelled Osho's four week tourist visa, the police threatening to dynamite the house he was staying in and swiftly removing him the country- all because of accusations from the church that he would corrupt the minds of the young and destroy the morals and religion of the country. If, as Osho points out their ancient traditions can so easily be
destroyed by a visitor in four weeks, of what value are they?
A small group of people ,reeling from the recent experiences in America and Greece, are encouraged
to ask questions by Osho, who is unperturbed and constantly bringing the focus to the opportunity to go deeper. The questioners are urged to experience that which can only be found beyond the mind and behavior that are imposed by society and enforced by religions from an early age.

"My effort is to bring man back to his natural self. I will be condemned, I will be criticized. Every tradition, every religion, every morality, every ethical code is going to condemn me. That does not surprise me! I expect it, because what I am saying and doing is changing the very course of human consciousness."