Ashta Ganesh Plate

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Astha Ganesh Plate

Description :

Get the auspicious power of Ashta Ganesh in your home or shop. 8 forms and ganesh are decorated in gold and 2 pyramids on the side. Ganesha with special codes is on the fortune plate. This pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra with added power of 'Ganesha', helps to remove all fortune blocks and their ill-effects. Also generates the positive and beneficial effect of Pynergy. It can be used on the door or can be fixed anywhere for positivity.


Ashta Vinayak


1)'Santan Ganpateya Namaha' For couples not having children


2)'Avighnay Namaha' For removal of any obstacles in life


3)'Gyanrupay Namaha' Helpful for knowledge


4)'Siddh Lakshmi Manoharpraya Namaha' For an increase in luck of financial matters


5)'Chintamani Charvanlalsaya Namaha' For elimination of tensions


6)'Siddhivinakaya Namaha' For success in all work


7)'Sumangalaya Namaha' For increase of happiness and prosperity in home


8)'Mrutyunjaya Namaha' For help in curing incurable disease