All About Wealth

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All About Wealth


All About Wealth includes Pyron Live Green and Pyron Ketu. This is a unique combo use of power of Pyramids to correct feng shui and vastu defects. 

Pyron LIVE GREEN-WEALTH: Represents wealth, blessing, growth and assimilation; it is associated with wind and spring. Its a source of prosperity and material well being. Pyron Ketu Represents wealth, blessing, growth and all around prosperity. Associated with true knowledge, fantasy, intuition and imagination. Ketu rules the psychic number 7, those born on day 7, 16 or 25 of any month. Ketu is the descending lunar node.

 Easy To Use:

Pyrons Live Green-Wealth and Pyron Ketu is very easy to use.  Just hang on walls of rooms, offices and working places. After you place Pyron in your specific position, wish the purpose for 2 minutes daily.