All About Fortune

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All About Fortune


This kit comes with Fortune chip, Fortune plate, Fortune key chain and Fortune seat. Bring the fortune in everyday life with this kit. The kit includes:

Fortune Chip:
Fortune Chip Pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra for Success & Prosperity Unique Power-chip for files, plans, books, computers, laptops, ipad. To attract luck, fix on important files, books, lockers, computers, cash registers. A versatile tool to give starting boost to any project.

Fortune Plate:
Fortune (Name) Plate(pyramid) (name plate for fixing at Entry) Optimize your fortune. This pre-programmed pyramid yantra not only helps to remove all fortune blocks and remove their ill-effects, but also generates the positive and beneficial effect of Pynergy. Fortune Plate is a multi-purpose tool; can be used as your nameplate on the door with your name printed on it or be fixed anywhere with some mantra of positive message on it. Practical to use and also inbuilt with dual pyramid yantra and copper plates. Explore this new tool to optimize your fortune!

Fortune Key Chain:
Key Chain for lockers, car and important keys. A novel concept to energize and protect important keys. Help improve inflow of cash and valuables when used for cash box and bank lockers.

Fortune Seat:
Fortune seat is mostly used in business and finance.  This yantra, with flexible Pyra power plate inside, is for prosperity, good fortune, which attracts more money in business.

Just place the Fortune Seat on the chair before you sit. Ideal on (Chairperson/Owner) main chair of the shop, office or home.  Fortune Seat contains sponge layer and velvet cover, which is comfortable when seated.