All About Education Pyramid Yantra

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All About Education Pyramid Yantra

Secret Features :

  • Special three level Pyramid yantra that creates harmony by connecting the brain, mind and subconscious mind to give you excellent results.
  • Pre-programmed universal numerical copper to generate a nine planet energy to support the mind, body and spirit link.
  • Saraswati yantra to please the deity of education.
  • Total 243 copper yantra at the base.
  • 12 copper yantra for collecting energy from all directions.



Pyron Brown BROWN-EDUCATION:  Ken. Represents inner knowledge, wisdom and quiet - and its symbol is mountain; associated with winter. It gives access to a deeper knowledge and education. Helps you to be more intuitive.

Education Pyramid (For academic success): Education Pyramid is useful for Education of Children for enhancing knowledge and wisdom. This education tower with triple pyramid effect and special copper education yantra invented by Dr. Jiten Bhatt also gives access to the deeper knowledge and education.


Easy To Use :

Pyron: Place on study table or hang on the wall in front of the student's chair.

Before you start your study, touch the Education Pyramid with both hands with a feeling of being thankful to the universal energy flowing through it. Your Education Pyramid is going to be your witness and guide all the time during your studies. It would create a positive link between you and your books during the time of the exams helping you to recall better and quick. Sit in a comfortable place. Now for about a minute close your eyes and try to calm down your anxiety and all the other thoughts that might hinder the quality time allotted to your studies. Go deep into yourself up to a state of thoughtlessness, a state of divine bliss where there is nothing not even your studies. This state of nothingness is the ultimate source of all positiveness, the inner core of all information and the origin of all creation. Once you are there drop down the negative thoughts, if any. Leave behind your doubts and fear of failure and emerge back as strong positive person. You now have the immense potential for success. Imagine you are being showered with infinite power to learn, understand, remember and recall at the right time.

Now whatever you read will definitely be well organized in to your memory.