All About Business Pyramid Yantra

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All About Business Pyramid Yantra

Secret Features:

FOR Business Disc: 

  • Power of in-built 81 Pyramids with extra energy of 9 Gold Pyramids.
  • Up-lifting energy of powerful "Fortune Yantra" on Top.
  • Bottom is activated with 8 copper + 1 Gold energy radiator discs. 


Pyron Mercury, PyraCard for Business and Career, Business Disc, mini Swastik for cash drawer $ 120.00


Pyron Mercury Business:
Represents merchant-like nature, makes it take risks and gamble. Associated with physical comfort, money, business, success and materialistic gain. Nature includes intuitive, quick decision, impulsive and hard working. Psychic number is 5, for those born on day 5, 14, 23 of any month.


Business Disc:
Recommended for store, offices and factories. Now you can use this pyramid in your home office or office building. New pyramid yantra for prosperity, success, growth and fortune! Get ready to discover the mystic power of Pyramids for your business.

      Mystic Benefits:

  • Attracts more Money, Business & Prosperity
  • Use for shops, offices and factories
  • Must for Chair Person, Head of Department, Management Persons, Senior Officers, etc.
  • Ideal for both new and growing businesses
  • Helps in better business decision & concentration

Fortune Card Business and Career:
Pyramid fortune cards New pocket size pyramid yantra with Ba-gua Square for wealth and prosperity. Ready to use, just place the card in your pocket or purse or a bag that you carry with you. This innovative way for personal vastu and harmony give miraculous results.

Mini Swastik- optional at no charge, this kit comes with a mini swastik for cash drawers at no additional cost.

Easy To Use:

FOR Business Disc:
Hang with a screw on the wall of the shop facing the entrance or inside your office. You can increase the power by fixing more Discs in the same office.
It is very simple to use and gives fantastic results. Also recommended for malls, business houses and IT parks.