Virtual Door (Make Virtual Door) Fengshui/Vastu/PyraVastu/Pyramid

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Virtual door: Opening virtual door with PyraVastu and Pyramids



Opening Virtual door in Fengshui and Vastu can be done in many ways. Fengshui uses red doors or using wood mitigates a closed door. Traditional vastu requires breaking wall and making a physical door. Following is a method to open virtual doors to increase flow of qi or chi.

Identify the one or many of the following

Situation • A tree in front of the door • Mountain in front of the door • Utility poles • Vastu defect such as no doors in required location Figure 1.

Correction: Identify the wall where the virtual door will be made

Need: Virtual Door Kit

*Energy Plate

*Bemor 1 on each side of Energy plate

*Pyra angle set on the corner as shown in picture

*Brass screws, pencil, measuring tape, drill


Arrange all the tools and the pyramids without the packaging

Give positive affirmation for all the pyramids with FaMaa programming

Mark a virtual door 6 feet height by 4 feet width

Mark the half way height of the door

Place energy plate in the halfway center with drilling a hole to hang it using a brass screw

Place Bemor on each side with brass screw or sticky tape

Place Pyraangles on the left and right top corner of 6 feet

Door is made

Questions call: 952-893-0134 or visit

Each virtual kit includes 1 Energy Plate (Pyramid Center), 2 Bemor, 1 Pyra angle set

Additionally, to replace Lord Ganesh Center energy plate, please include suggestion additional comments in the order form